Buy With Ashton

Your Personal Guide to Mountain Living

Dreaming of a tranquil cabin, a lakeside retreat, or a unique investment opportunity? Allow me to lead you to the heart of the mountains and make those dreams a reality.

Both my name, Ansley Real Estate and Christies International Real Estate, resonate with a legacy of impeccable service, unwavering integrity, and a series of successful property acquisitions.

Often, the ideal property you’re seeking might already be within our listings. But on the off-chance it isn’t, fret not. My enduring connections with agents across the North Georgia Mountains mean you’ll have exclusive access to properties tailored to your desires, including those off-the market or bank-owned ones that may elude others.

Clients from my past ventures have often lauded the tailored service I offer, my amiable nature, and my steadfast commitment to their satisfaction. Beyond just helping you find a property, I offer a comprehensive “Family of Services” encompassing local lenders, closing attorneys, soil expertise, home inspection services, and more. This ensures a fluid journey from choosing your property to holding its keys.

Reach out to me, and together, let’s chart a course through the captivating landscape of the mountains.